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Since 1972, SONIA TRADING has been the leader in the total distribution of the world’s leading sports brands. Year in and out, it sponsors the country’s premier leagues and associations: Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Table Tennis Association of the Philippines and Philippine Weightlifting Association, among others.



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They must know the category of patients. Pag buntis papipilahin pa ng matagal. At bastos isa sa attendant nila nag assist sakin KAYE SAN JUAN. (laboratory) Yan ang pangalan na binihgay ng receptionist. - Ms. Pimentel



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This is the place to go too if you want to pamper yourself but on a tight budget. Very sulit because they give maxum service for minimal cost. Good job!



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InterMedequip a Direct USA Importer of Hospital/ Medical equipment, surgical instruments (all specialties), and medical surgical disposables. For the past 10 years, our company has been supplying major hospitals and clinics from Luzon to Mindanao. Our biomedical te...


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Honey Health!

By: Kristine A. Caguiat

Nature's superfood can do everything from bust wrinkles to battle bacteria-- and the Philippines' bee colonies are working hard to give us the sweet stuff one by one!

Why honey?

The sticky sweet stuff of bees isn't just something to add a little flavor to your tea-- it's nature's very own elixir for a much healthier life-- one that you and I undoubtedly do not have. So, the next time you decide to swat a bee, take some time to appreciate the little stinger and all its hard work!

1. Honey can make you younger! Or at least look it.

If a trip to Belo is out of the question, then honey is your answer! Why botox the wrinkles out of your face when a little honey can do the trick? Honey contains antioxidants, which basically reverse aging by neutralizing the free radicals our body releases during oxidation.






If that's too complicated, think of it this way: free radicals can damage our body, but honey and its antioxidants clean up all these icky radicals, and heal the body in so many ways. The darker the honey, the more antioxidants it contains.

2. Honey can make you sexy

Honey is goes down easily, and for people with digestive problems, this is one medicine you definitely won't mind having spoonfulls of! Although it contains more calories than table sugar, it eases the digestive system by breaking down energy calories faster-- so, you get twice the amount of energy, and twice the amount of power to burn it all out!






Diarrhea and stomach flu are common ailments, and honey's antibacterial and moisture-retaining properties help flush out all the bad stuff that's been plaguing you.


(Check out the metros leading hospitals here)

3. Honey makes your immune system mighty

Honey is a natural Red Bull, and asides from providing energy when you need it most, it also helps strengthen the immune system by shielding it against bacteria that can cause colds and flu. Cought and sore throats can also be easily cured with some warm honey and calamansi or lemon, because its antimicrobial properties kill the germs breeding in your mouth while soothing the irritated area at the same time.

4. Honey is nature's bandaid



Honey is a natural antiseptic. Looking for that tiny green bottle of Betadine? Forget it! Apply a little warm honey on a cut, wound, or burn and the antimicrobial agents in it will prevent infections and promote skin growth. Bacteria doesn't survive in honey, so you'll be far away from gangrene if you've got a little pot of the sweet stuff lying around!

5. Honey makes your skin glow and your hair shine



Honey has the incredible ability of trapping in moisture, one thing we definitely need if dull hair and skin are a problem! Asides from healing the body from the inside, the moisture that honey attracts feeds our skin cells and promotes tissue growth. Using it as a facial mask or a hair conditioner is like providing yourself with a boost of nutrients that can help restore and heal drying areas. A little honey every day will make you bloom in no time!




(For the best Salons, click here)


Where can I get my honey fix?

Tobee's Apiary




Baguio 1980- What beekeeping is for Toby Tamayo are golf, cars and bikes for other fathers. The beginnings of a simple, and very unique hobby in his family home in Baguio has, more than two decades later, blossomed into one of today's most successful apiculture businesses in the country. Tobee's Apiary is one of the Philippines' primary sources for Grade A honey, and their extensive clientele list proves this exactly.




Starbucks Coffee, Sonya's Garden, Cafe Breton, The Farm at San Benito and many more all source their honey goodness from Tobee's, whose passion has not only turned into a  business, but an expertise.



Ilog Maria

Seven natural springs in the Magsaysay Family Farm in Silang, Cavite, are home to the Ilog Maria honeybee farms. A well-known haven for exquisite coffee and the freshest fruits, the rural backdrop of Cavite is also one of the most ideal places for practicing apiculture. Ilog Maria, the love child of Joel and Violaine Magsaysay, brought them together for a honeymoon that hasn't stopped for the past 3 decades- and is definitely not about to end any time soon!






Along with their four children, the Magsaysay family has been harvesting honey and creating natural products for health and well being. The Museo Sa Ilog is also an experience worth seeing, especially when you get to have an up-close and personal encounters with the bees themselves!


Bohol Bee Farm

Picturesque Panglao island in Bohol has become even more perfect ever since the Bohol Bee Farm opened its doors. Providing a holistic and alternative lifestyle, Vicky Wallace has been on a mission to educate farmers on shifting towards organic farming-- a practice that can lead to agricultural development and the protection of our fragile environment.






Cooking up all sorts of treats for her guests, Wallace specializes in organically-grown vegetable dishes from squash muffins, vegetable lasagna, ice cream, and even her own signature coffee made from corn and wild berries. Asides from bee keeping, the little chalet-like resort offers raffia making classes, marine sanctuary tours, traditional hilot and spa services (with all natural organic products to boot), and diving into the crystal clear waters of Bohol's underwater paradise!




Angie Magalona says:

"Honey is nature's band-aid" - that's a good tip, thanks! But more details on how to replace a trip to Belo with honey would have been more helpful.

POSTED ON Feb 05, 2013 | 11:20, A.M.

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    Milkie Pulido says:

    Been to Ilog Maria for bees wax for a project. After a minute or two of roving, noticed myself shopping coz there are really a lot of interesting things to buy made out by our friendly bees (very friendly, just be sure not to make them agitated coz I tell you, they're faster than you think you are). Love the place most specially the viewing area where you can see how the bees work. And one more thing, try their comfort room, very nice. Visit the place and enjoy nature at its best!!!

    POSTED ON Jan 06, 2012 | 08:00, A.M.

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      Billy Nacis says:

      cool, honey, i need some honey! haha

      POSTED ON Dec 09, 2011 | 08:00, A.M.

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