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DB RESEARCH vigorously upholds its pillar “Fire safety is our aim!” by emphasizing firearm control in all its classes. It features two classes that fit all backgrounds: the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course and the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.



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Best Listings for Computer store, Cellphone Laptop and Computer Repairs in Philippines

For the tech-savvy, the gizmo geek, and everyone else who can’t live a day without their cellphone or laptop, then EYP’s Computers and Electronics channel is the place for you. When you want the lowdown on your favourite communication tools, the tech trends out today, or even just the telephone number for a computer repair service or laptop repair shop, we’ve got it right here --at the click of a mouse.


Internet Cafe, Computer Shop Cellphone Shop - Online and on the go!

Heading out for some late-night gaming? Is the net busted at home? When you’re in need of some of the most basic and essential tools of technology today, we’ve committed ourselves to pointing you in the direction of your favourite internet cafe, computer shop, appliance centers and cellphone stores. Want to know which network will work the best for you? Check out our listings and canvas for your telecommunications company of choice.

Use our EYP app on your cellphone for both Android and Apple iOS users and track the best deals for gadgets and electronics to suit your lifestyle. Browse for the best appliance center nearest you, cellphone repair shops that stock the latest phone trends and models, and find a trusted techie to help you with any computer problem you might encounter. We’ll help you find the best laptop for any budget—whether its for school use, surfing the web, or for hardcore gaming. We’re just a click and a tap away from finding the one that suits your lifestyle best. We’re always online, to help you when you’re on the go!


Cellphone Shop & Telecommunications Company - Staying connected...

The Internet is at your beck and call. From a laptop to almost any other gadget, we’ll help you find the information you need to make your life easier. Always be informed of the latest trends in gadgets, gizmos, and geekery to your nearest computer store. We’ll even help you sync your electronics together, and teach you how to set up your Wi-Fi router! Don’t know how to work that wireless headset? Confused with your Internet TV? EYP’s Computers and Electronics channel won’t just tell you which RAM to buy, but we’ll also help you stay connected with every device you’ve got on hand. We’ll even teach you how to clean your stuff, what to do when that laptop overheats, or how organize that messy desktop of yours. There’s no discrimination when it comes to Apple users or PC believers, just as long as you’ve got an internet connection, then we’re all you need to keep you up to date on any tech problem coming your way. We’ve got you covered: even if it’s just to tell you what button on your phone, laptop, or computer does what, we’ll walk you through it and keep you in the know!


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