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How to Get Hired - Quick!

By: Katrina Ramos Atienza


Katrina Ramos Atienza is the blogger behind Plus Size Fasyon Mudra, a style blog that dresses up the thrifty, luscious, and/or maternal. She's the author of The Thrifty Mom's Guide to Style, The Pink Shoes Trilogy, and The Hagette. She's also the mudra behind



The end of the school year is almost here. You know what that means: job hunting season's begun! With fresh grads clamoring for any opening, how do you stand out and gain that winning edge? 



Create a Killer CV


Your resume or CV is your first exposure to a prospective employer. Here are tips to help you out:


Don't know where to begin? Use a template. You can download these online.

Use legible font, size 11 or 12: avoid scripts and definitely stay away from Comic Sans.

Start with your contact information, education and relevant training and school activities. Keyword: relevant. Most companies don't care if you won your barangay's beauty pageant. 

No need to include your blood type, parents' names and occupations, and other TMI. Remember to KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

If you're in the creative field, put together a short portfolio with some samples of your best work.

Spell and grammar check, people!

Try the writing workshops at Filipinas Heritage Library for more valuable tips.



Dress the Part


Your CV makes the cut and you're called in for an interview. What do you wear?


Your goal is to appear professional and put-together. As boring as it sounds, business wear is the way to go.

Guys, go for crisp polos, slacks, and leather shoes. For more corporate settings, like banks, it may make sense to wear a tie.

Girls, a tailored dress or slacks and a conservative top works. This is not the time to show skin.

Neutrals are the safe choice, but a nice splash of color works too.

• Black Shop, Marks & Spencer, and Rustan's have a wide selection of business clothing.




Planning on working abroad? Check out these recruitment agencies and start compiling your requirements. Don't worry -- these are legit companies.





Interview Tips


What do companies look for in interviews? For new grads, it's the ability to integrate well, work hard, generate new ideas, and function independently. You can show this by:


Projecting confidence. Smile and practice a firm handshake.

Looking your interviewers in the eye -- but don't stare!

Research the company where you're applying. 

Practice answers to typical questions: where do you want to be in five years? Name one instance where you worked on a difficult project and succeeded. Do you work well in a team? 

Thank the interviewer afterwards.

• Personality development classes at John Robert Powers will help you convey professionalism.



These are just a few tips to acing your job application. Good luck!





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