L.R. Punsalan and Associates

Since 1974, L.R. PUNSALAN AND ASSOCIATES has prided itself with outstanding engineering design and consultancy services specializing in air-conditioning and refrigeration. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Centennial Terminal, Makati Medical Center, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, and Avida Tower Manila are only among notable patrons who trust its ventilation systems.


If you're looking for an expert interior designer for that house you're building or that business establishment you are renovating, look no further - The Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) directory will give you plenty to choose from. PIID is the only association of Interior Designers in the country accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).



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this place is totally amazing. their items are on sale and you can buy anything for 200 pesos per kilo. isn't amazing? nice style. haven't heard of per kilo furnitures before, just this. unique.



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Easy to talk with regarding the inquiry.



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Building your home from scratch is no easy feat; so many factors come into play such as hiring the right civil engineer, electrical engineer, building contractors and interior designers to help set you up with everything essential in the building of your new home. But even if you aren’t doing everything from scratch and are in the market to rent a new home or even lease your old one, EYP has got you covered.

Get expert advice from Civil Engineers and Interior Designers!

Through EYP’s Home and Real Estate channel, we hope to take some of the stress out of the difficult task of having to go through the endless referrals from friends, family, and brokers by cutting out the middle man and giving you direct access to a wide selection of listings from architectural services to real estate developers, and any other information you might need to build or even find the home of your dreams.

If, however, you already are a home owner, EYP’s Home and Real Estate channel can also help you with looking for things to spruce up your existing one, be it by renovating your home office with new office equipment and supplies, or updating your homes’ look with the refreshing perspective of an interior designer from one of the many architectural firms listed on our website.

With EYP’s Homes and Real Estate channel, not only will you get all the information you want and need, but also reviews from people who have dealt with those specific businesses you may be thinking of hiring, through detailed recommendations and ratings, you’ll know if their service is up to par before putting down your hard-earned cash, after all, you deserve every bit of information needed in developing what is essentially your kingdom, and your kingdom (even if it is just a small studio apartment) deserves the best service it can get.

Our list of Home Builders and Engineering Services will surely give you that needed knowledge for any project!

You’ll also find related articles on everything concerning your home, from housekeeping tips to suggestions on how to design for your space, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure all your bases are covered. And after all is said and done, and you’ve finally got your home situation the way you want it, celebrate and show off your new home by throwing a neighborhood house-warming party, which EYP can help you with as well, with listings for sound system rental and other party needs you might have.

So whether you’re in the market for a new home, looking to build one from scratch or just plain want to make your home the best it can be, EYP’s Homes and Real Estate has all the information you need, and then some.


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