GlaxoSmithKline Philippines

GLAXOSMITHKLINE is a research-based pharmaceutical company with the vision of improving the quality of human life. It is the standard-setter in producing medicine for major diseases and the leader in developing vaccines. Pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical discovery, over 12,800 people partake in the research of screening 65 million compounds every year.



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"Children equipped for tomorrow, a generation of hope.. for the world!"Grace Christian Community School (GCCS) ensures that quality education and Christian values are being instilled to each student. Feel assured of your child's future and moral values.. In GCCS, let your...



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I bought a voucher for this salon. I've been trying to call them on all the numbers (both landlines and cellphone numbers) and no one answers. I even sent email. I really don't know what is going on and I'm hoping that Metrodeal will fix the problem.



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Reasonable rates! Keep it up doc! :)


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