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EYP Power Codes

Fast & easy. The newest way to get information with just a click of your camera phone!


  • If you don't have time to type or copy a phone number, website address or name, just take a picture!

  • Are you a Marketer? Do you own a business and you want people to remember you?
    • Get EYP Power Codes and buyers can save your info.
    • Launch campaigns and spread a message without changing the code.
    • Your customers will have your info whenever they have their mobile phones – and that's
      all the time!

  • Curious? Don't take our word for it, install a QR Code reader on your phone and scan these codes:
Download a reader for your mobile phone here.
to get a EYP Power Codes for your business!

Scan these codes now! qr code qr code bbc qr code
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